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Captain Phillip believes that it is his Officers’ duty to rehabilitate convicts rather than continually punish them for their criminal past. He commissions a young and opportunistic Second Lieutenant, Ralph Clark, to stage a theatre production performed by the inmates. Battling ridicule and the threat of hanging, Ralph and the actors discover the lives they could have led if society had cast them in different roles.

Director - Kirstie Davis

Assistant Director - Niklas Aarre

Producer - Kerry Irvine

Fight Director - Kat Aldridge

Movement - Thomas Kampe

Voice Coach - Mark Langley

Set Designer - Sophie Smith

Costume Designer - Stephanie Kinnear

Lx Designer - Connor Sullivan

Sound Designer - Oliver Scott


Tanya Allen

Natasha Beaufils

Zafran Ahmed

Frank Hussey

Rachael Gorton

Joseph Mendez

Kai Taylor

India Casson

Thomas Dowden

Shannon Pepper

Daniel Farmer-Patel

Ayse Demir

Sarah Horrex

Abigail Hancock



Captain Arthur Philips

Major Robbie Ross

David Collins & Robert Sideway

Watkin Tench & Black Ceaser

Jemmy Campbell & Meg Long

Reverend Johnson & John Wisehammer

George Johnson & Ketch Freeman

Will Dawes & Liz Morden

Ralph Clark

William Faddy & Dabby Bryant

Harry Brewer & John Arscott

Aboriginal Australian

Mary Brenham

Duckling Smith

Our Country's Good

By Timberlake Wertenbaker

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