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A Musical, An Audition,The Future

New exciting things are on the horizon.

I am currently on my way back to bath after an audition in London. So yes, I am writing this on a train (how original). I just had one of the most fun, exciting and comfortable auditions of my life. I won’t say what I auditioned for as I haven’t heard back from the company yet but I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming audition environment. Auditions can be so nerve racking and feel very life or death but today was so different. It has reminded me that I am a trained actor and acting is still part of my creative career. It has also made me realise that you shouldn’t stop auditioning, as you can really feel out of practice if you have a break. Anyway, I’m feeling very hopeful but the experience has done me so much good even if the outcome isn’t successful. Thank you (to the company I won’t mention).

So what’s next on my Directing masters.

Now Radiant Vermin is over, after a brilliant 2 show run at Burdalls, it is on to my Major Project. Dun dun duuuuun. I have an idea of what I want to do for the module. The main aim being that the major project needs to be a showcase of who I am as a director (right at this moment, it can change) and use the major project to start creating opportunities once the MA is over.

Talking of opportunities.

This September I am going to be the Assistant Director to the talented Kirstie Davis again. We will be working on Daddy Long Legs the Musical at the Barn theatre in Cirencester. I went to the theatre a couple of weeks ago to see Henry V. What a great epic production and the space is so exciting. Very much looking forward to helping stage the two hander musical of Daddy Long Legs. Thank You Kirstie for the opportunity to assist you again. I really appreciate it.

Now back to my book. ‘The Boy he left Behind: a man in search of his lost father’. - Deep.


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