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Onto the Next One!

"It's never too early for a cocktail" Noel Coward

End of one project and onto the next one. The lady in the Van is over. I'm going to miss waking up and knowing I would be at the Theatre that evening pushing some van's on stage, carrying on a coffin and being a builder, but everything has to come to an end. By the end of the run I think we all became a little obsessed over three wheeler cars, well specifically miss shepherds reliant robin. Thanks Cat for the book! I had a great time working with an amazing cast and crew. Thank you for letting me work with you.

After watching Looking at Lucian it was lovely to meet and have a long chat with the Henry Goodman. We spoke about the play, being an actor in a one man show, getting acting work and the difference between Actor training at University or Drama School. We both had a similar view. Go where you will get the best training for you and where you will develop the most as a person and as an actor. On reflection now I have spoke to Mr Goodman and seen more of Lucian Freud's paintings I can see the disturbed sole at the heart of Goodman's portrayal and now I have a better understand of who Lucian was.

Now i'm back home preparing for my audition next week. Preparation is the key to any good audition, anything is better than nothing. Next week is also Bleak House. I'm so excited to watch this production and to watch three of my friends will be a privilege! Go and grab your tickets at bathspalive.com

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