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I recently joined a webinar about producing/creating theatre with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Is bigger always better?

The webinar was so helpful in many ways, not just in the knowledge I gained about how to be more eco friendly but it made me realise how much I want to be back in the rehearsal room, creating. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is to give you some resources, links to websites etc. that I got from the webinar and from research I have done since.

To begin with...

Here is a great article by The Guardian on sustainable theatre-making


This blog focuses on the different aspects of theatre and how to make them more green and eco friendly.


Repurposing Old Sets

The theatre industry gets rid of so many sets that could be repurposed and recycled. Green Clover and Set exchange are companies to help tackle that problem.

Green Clover


Set Exchange



Here is a great essay by Holly L. Derr titled addressing environmental topics in theatre by using greenturgy.


Julies Bicycle (Charity)

Julie’s Bicycle is a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability.

There are many great resources, articles etc. on the Julies Bicycle website.


This isn't an extensive list of resources on green theatre but I hope it gives you an insight into the way you can make your work more eco friendly. I know this will be a focus on any work I create int he future and I'm sure to update this list in the future.

Stay safe,


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