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The Norwegian Plays

I have been working on a project called the Women of Ibsen for a couple of years now. Yes, it has been very sporadic with months of breaks between meetings but now is the time to create this god damn thing.

I thought I would start to document the process I am going through to create this play as a way of tracking the journey, but to also allow any of you who are interested to follow the project and join in on the process. I truly believe within theatre that collaboration is key and the more passionate individuals that can be involved, will create a more interesting, well rounded, solid production.

With this in mind let me tell you what the idea is...

Nora, Hedda and Mrs. Alving. Three women at the heart of Ibsen's most well known work. I believe they are the same women at three different stages of their life. Within all three plays the female lead has a male character that relies on her and a male character that dominates her. I have been looking at mashing up the three plays to create one play with this concept in mind.

Through re-reading, deconstructing the texts and having chat's with various people. I have realised that this play is about Ibsen himself. With the core themes of reliance, dominance and sacrifice at the heart of the play. I have got an awesome team helping me with this project but would love to hear any thoughts you have on this idea.

I will be having a small showing/talk about the concept (what ever stage the project is at), at the end of August, beginning of September. If you are interested in attending, please contact me and I can give you more details.

I hope any of you who have read this, yes all three of you, would be interest to chat about the idea or to just chat about Ibsen's interesting beard do get in touch.


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